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Today we will be listing top 9 Anime that everyone should watch, they are most motivational anime ever made. Let me know if I have missed any. 😀


Lucy is a seventeen-year-old mage with the power to summon stellar spirits, but what she really wants to do is join a guild – and not just any guild. She has her eyes set on Fairy Tail, a notoriously reckless and outrageous group of magic users who are likely to be drunk or destroying buildings and towns in the process of completing a job!
While in town one day Lucy meets a perpetually-seasick boy named Natsu who, through a series of events, reveals to her that he’s none other than the fire-eating mage Salamander of Fairy Tail!
Lucy is finally able to join Fairy Tail and quickly begins to take on odd jobs with Natsu and his gang for fame and profit.
Along with her fiery friend, Happy the flying cat, Natsu’s archrival Gray and their overseer the invincible and beautiful Erza, Lucy sets forth for epic adventures that leave an epic amount of destruction in their wake. After all, destroying a city or five doesn’t matter as long as they get the job done… right?!
Genres: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Shounen,Based On A Manga,Magic
Episodes:  season 1-176
                       season 2-102
                       season 3- ongoing
Year: 2009-2013


Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki is a typical teen with fighting skills, two caring sisters and a special trait: he can see ghosts. However, when Ichigo and his family find themselves under attack by a huge beast, Ichigo discovers that there’s more to the supernatural world than the everyday specter.
Vengeful spirits known as Hollows roam the world in search of devouring souls, and Shinigami – soul reapers – work tirelessly to defeat them and guide normal ghosts into a place called Soul Society. Ichigo valiantly fights the Hollow that threatens his sisters, but on the verge of defeat a Shinigami named Rukia gives him her powers, turning him into a Shinigami himself.
Ichigo must now adjust to his new life of both vanquishing and saving souls for the sake of Soul Society.
Genres:  Action,Shounen,Shinigami,Supernatural,Swordplay
Status:  Completed
Episodes:  366

Drawn to the mystique of the unknown, Hunters travel the world in search of terrifying creatures, incredible riches, and unexplored lands.
Gon Freecss is a naive-yet-determined young boy who aspires to join the ranks of these individuals, in order to find his missing father Ging – a master of the profession himself.
To reach his goal, he partakes in the formidable Hunter Exam, a series of tests that push the participants to their physical and mental limits, with a Hunter License as the prize.
During the exam Gon befriends vengeful Kurapika, doctor-to-be Leorio, and skilled assassin Killua, who have entered for their own reasons.
But with the sinister Hisoka standing in their way, will Gon and his friends be able to succeed in obtaining their reward, or even escaping with their lives?
Genres: Action,Adventure,Shounen,Based On A Manga,Superpowers,Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: 148
Year: 2011-2014

In a world where humans and non-humans have not yet been separated, the kingdom of Leones is protected by the Holy Knights, powerful magic users both revered and feared by the people.
Supposedly the strongest, most fearsome of these knights, the Seven Deadly Sins, betrayed the kingdom and made enemies of all the other knights.
Queen Elizabeth doesn’t believe this story, and sets out to find the Sins – but when she meets the first Sin at a tavern, his name is Melodias, and he’s nothing but a boy in charge of the pigs.
Genres/Tags: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Shounen,Based On A Manga,Medieval,Superpowers,Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: season 1-24
                     season 2-24

Izuku has dreamt of being a hero all his life—a lofty goal for anyone, but especially challenging for a kid with no superpowers.
That’s right, in a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk,” Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal.
But that’s not going to stop him from enrolling in one of the world’s most prestigious hero academies.
Now, the only thing standing between him and his first class is the academy’s formidable entrance exam—nothing a little private tutoring from the world’s mightiest hero can’t solve.
In a world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of super-powered “quirk,” Izuku was unlucky enough to be born completely normal. But that won’t stop him from enrolling in a prestigious hero academy.
Now, the promising freshman class is making its debut at the world-renowned U.A. Sports Festival! It’s Quirk versus Quirk as our young heroes face off in the ultimate showdown.
Genres:  Action,Comedy,Sci Fi,Shounen,Based On A Manga,School Life,Superpowers
Status: Completed
Episodes: season 1-13
                     season 2-25
                     season 3-25


The foundation of alchemy is based on the law of equivalent exchange; you cannot produce something from nothing. As such, alchemy is bound by one taboo – human transmutation. Four years ago two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, broke this taboo when they tried to resurrect their dead mother. During the process Al’s body disintegrated and Ed lost his leg. In a desperate attempt to prevent his brother from disappearing completely, Ed sacrificed one of his arms so he could affix Al’s soul to a suit of armor.
When his missing limbs are replaced by auto mail parts, Ed bears the name of the Fullmetal Alchemist – the youngest ever State Alchemist and dog of the military. Now, alongside his brother, Ed uses his status within the military to attempt to find any way that he can return their bodies back to their original state.
Genres:  Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery,Animal Abuse,Based On A Manga,Military,Violence
Status: Completed
Episodes: 64
Year: 2009-2010

Though , this series is full of power packed and comic stuff , it certainly lacks the sheer driving inspiration when compared to other animes in the list . this series has its moment of inspirations from goku saving the world again and again  and sometimes with surprising help by a co-saiyan vegeta and others.Well, i feel that the genius of this series should not be underestimated in any sense.

Dragonball holds a god like stature for his fans. Probably , this is the only anime which is liked by teenagers and adults alike. Dragonball movies also make a moolah at the theatres .

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Long ago the infamous Gol D. Roger was the strongest and most powerful pirate on the seas. As he was about to be executed he revealed that he hid all of his wealth, including the legendary treasure known as One Piece, on an island at the end of the Grand Line – a treacherous and truly unpredictable sea.

Monkey D. Luffy is a spirited, energetic and somewhat dim-witted young man with a very big dream: to find One Piece and become the Pirate King! However Luffy is no ordinary boy, as when he was younger he ate one of the Devil’s Fruits and gained its power to become a Rubber Man.

Now in this grand age of pirates Luffy sets out to gather a crew and sail to the most dangerous sea in the world so that he can fulfill his dream… and maybe even his appetite!

Genres:  Action,Adventure,Comedy,Shounen,Based On A Manga,Pirates,Superpowers
Status: Ongoing
Episodes: 857 +
Year: 1999-?
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Well, naruto  certainly is one of the most inspiring anime ever made .

Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village.

As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage – the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate! With his inability to perform even the most basic ninja techniques, it seems that all Naruto has going for him is his determination to succeed no matter what.

Teamed up with the genius Sasuke, book-smart Sakura, and their team leader Kakashi, Naruto embarks on his quest to become the Hokage.

But with outside forces posing a threat to the entire Hidden Leaf village, Naruto discovers that he must become much stronger if he ever wants to realize his dream and protect the friendships he’s forged.

Genres: Action, Drama, Shounen, Based On A Manga, Japanese Mythology, Ninja, Revenge

Episodes: season 1-220
                     season 2-500
                     season 3-ongoin
click here to download episodes:-http://animeheaven.eu/i.php?a=Naruto%20Dubbed




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